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Assalamua'alaikum wbt.


Representing the only bachelor program in Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) that focuses into computer science, we are well aware that the information available out there regarding this field of study are still not suffice. Thus many people, when being thrown a question about "ISA" and what is it all about, had always tend to shrug off. Unlike the other well-known programs that stand under Faculty of Science and Technology of this university, this field of study is less spoken, and always be considered as the small portion of the faculty, without acknowledging the fact that Information Security and Assurance of Computer Science (ISA) is one of the most lucrative field of the faculty.

Information Security and Assurance, as mentioned, is a branch of computer science study field in which concentrates into data securing technology. Here, a brief exposure about how to secure informations that are kept in computers is given in various ways; from software-based technology, in which programmers cling solely to the computerised software system, to ethical hacking skills, where everything is operated  manually and where creativity is all what it is.

This field of study, though focuses just in scope of security, is vast. In light of IT Age today, where every single thing is computerised, the role of computer science, especially in the field of data securing, has growing largely in numbers. Having said that, one can never doubt the fact that this field of study, or any field of study that deals with computers, is high in demand. Job opportunities? Don't sweat it, because despite of the intensing problem of unemployment nowadays, in paradox the demand for working in the field of computer science is always increasing.

As we are well aware that the information available pertaining to the field of study is still gravely lacking, we hope that the presence of this blog, which is created in purpose of providing informations to the others regarding our field of study, Information Security and Assurance of Computer Science (ISA), as well as becoming a medium for ISA students to interact , exchange ideas and converse with each other, is beneficial.


ISA First Year Batch 11-12 Team.

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TantePiya said...

u make me proud to be one of ISA students. wee ^.^

everything you define me said...

as well as I am proud of myself being one of em too :)

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