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Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (Information Security and Assurance)


   Computer Science is a field that should be developed in order to enhance the acquisition of science and technology information in the country’s techno-socio- economic, education and research development. The benefit is to speed up the accumulation, processing and analysis as well as to accelerate the dissemination of information efficiently and accurately. This will give a significant impact on the techno-socio-economic development and the stability of the country, especially in facing the competition through the manufacturing Industry and international trade as well as globalization.

    Unfortunately, intrusion in the computer industry seems to be a frequent phenomenon. Thus, computer security and information assurance is very important for all government, private and individually owned organizations.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the program, our graduates will be:
  • Computer scientists who synthesizes and apply the knowledge, understanding and industrial experiences to provide quality products and services to the related public and private organizations.
  • Computer scientists who leads and engage in teams in problem solving tasks across disciplines through effective communicative abilities.
  • Computer scientists who continues to advance their knowledge and abilities by utilizing ICT to explore business opportunities in the finance industry.
  • Computer scientists who practices ethical and professional values in providing services to the recipients and providers of the financial industries.

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