Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Our Story: Happily A 2nd Year Student !

Wow, this place's dusty ! Where the heck did everybody in ISA go ? Hibernating over the holidays in your cubicle or something? Where's Sofeah, Radhi, Afifi, Khalaf, Rusyda, and most importantly, where's our so-called Biro Kerohanian Mr. Bone? Oh I forgot, he got a debate with Ustaz Don to attend..

And Ahmad? Don't bother, he must be so happy right now living in his fantasy, surreal comic life right now together with Sasuke, Kakashi and Naruto. 

I kind of miss posts from our own Mr.Hitman in here, whoever he is. 

And from Donat too. Where on earth did the fancied official writer of this blog go? Don't tell me somebody finally ate that Donat.. 

Come on programmers, wake up! We're now a proud second year student of Information Security and Assurance of Computer Science! Yeah I know the first year period, especially the second semester is a tad tough, with Calculus and stuffs but we did it, and now we're going to stand tall and rock the next semester!

Oh yes, be advised, the official result for the final exam will be announced in early August. So brace yourself ya!

Whatever your result is, soon, just bear in mind that you can always do better. But no disappointments okay? If you feel that you failed to achieve your goal in the previous exam, don't take it as failures but rather, take it as a challenge to be taken to the next level. Challenge yourself to beat that one on the next semester. Everybody loves a comeback :)

So as we go, here are the subjects for the next semester :

AAA1043- Prinsip & Amalan Komunikasi Da’wah
SKJ2023- Struktur Data & Algoritma
SKJ2033- Sistem Pengurusan Pangkalan Data
SKJ3033- Senibina Komputer
SRA2023- Aljabar Linear
AAA1012- Akidah Islam
SKJ2053- Discreet Math

Looking at those, well, it seems like the next semester will be much tougher than the previous one. Don't you think? Hmm..

*Happy Fasting and enjoy your Ramadhan :)

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